Find here some examples of the application of the tools developed by the GID-SIMIP

FLUID-LABVIR, an immersive online platform as complement to enhance the student's learning experience in experimental laboratories of Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering.Ana Cruz del Álamo, Pedro Megía, Jorge Plaza, Cintia Casado, Rafael Van Grieken, Fernando Martínez, Raúl Molina, Education for Chemical Engineers, Volume 41, 2022, Pages 1-13,

KBR (Kinetics in Batch Reactors): a MATLAB-based application with a friendly Graphical User Interface for chemical kinetic model simulation and parameter estimation,

 Raúl Molina, Gisela Orcajo, Fernando Martinez,

Education for Chemical Engineers, Volume 28, 2019, Pages 80-89, ISSN 1749-7728,


In its March 2020 Newsletter, ICheme's "Education Special Interest Group Newsletter" published a review of the KBR article in the "Good Practice Exchange" section. You can access the Newsletter here (account with permission from the group) or from their website:

Newsletter March 2020

IChemE's Education Special Interest Group (Newsletters)

IChemE's Education Special Interest Group

KMS platform: A complete tool for modeling chemical and biochemical reactors,

 Raúl Molina, Gisela Orcajo, Yolanda Segura, Jovita Moreno, Fernando Martínez, Education for Chemical Engineers, 34, (2021) 127 - 137

Determination of the optimal distillation sequence of a ternary mixture incorporating heat integration by means of Microsoft Excel Solver. A. Vázquez, L. Briones, V. Morales, J. Iglesias, G. Morales, J.M. Escola. Computer Application in Engineering Education (2021) doi: 10.1002/cae.22417.

Application of the Microsoft Excel tool in the solution of optimization problems of heat exchanger network system. L. Briones, J.M. Escola. Education for Chemical Engineers 26 (2019) 41-47.

Application of the Microsoft Excel Solver tool in the optimization of distillation sequences problems. L. Briones, V. Morales, J. Iglesias, G. Morales, J. M. Escola. Computer Applications in Engineering Education 28(2) (2020) 304-313.

A Friendly-Biological Reactor SIMulator (BioReSIM) for studying biological processes in wastewater treatment processes, Raul Molina, M. Isabel Pariente, Ioanna Vasiliadou, Ivan Rodriguez, Fernando Martinez, Juan Antonio Melero, @tic. revista d'innovació educativa, 13, 2014, Pages 104-113, ISSN: 1989-3477 |,