The experience of an engineering laboratory on your computer

What is it and what is the interest of a virtual laboratory?

Virtual laboratories as a complement to experimental laboratory activities


An Activity of the Teaching Innovation Group for the development and application of new simulation tools in process engineering (GID- SIMIP).


Provide an immersive simulator so that the student can work virtually with the practice, following the steps and taking the measurements that would be performed in the classroom practice in the laboratory.
Provide a script in web page format, visual and easy to understand, as well as attractive and accessible from the computer or cell phone.


Trainer of students and teachers before a practice.

Repeat measurements that deviate from the trend and were not detected during the performance  in the laboratory.

Provide an alternative for the realization of seminars or complementary activities to the experimental laboratories.

Compensate for capacity limitations by dividing the groups of students between experimental and virtual practices alternately.

COVID-19: Alternative for carrying out laboratory activities in case of partial or total confinement of students and teachers.


FLU-LABVIR (Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering)

INDIVIDUAL SIMULATORS OF THE PRACTICES IN .EXE FORMAT: Links to download the simulators included in the web platforms (internet connection required to download MATLAB runtime libraries)